Individual (One -One) Counselling

Face to face Individual Counselling

I will work one to one with you as you  explore your inner world in a safe and therapeutic space. Sometimes when we are feeling overwhelmed with emotions and stressful worries, we find it difficult to speak with family , friends and acquaintances. One to One counselling will allow an open conversation  in confidence, and as your therapist, I will offer you a customised and specific intervention and attention that may not be possible in a group or a family setting.

Group Counselling

Navigating through with others

Group counselling can be beneficial to persons with similar experiences. Sometimes going through difficulties alone can be lonely and isolating. Working through issues with others can be comforting to individuals and can also bring into their realization that they are not alone and that there are others who are going through similar situations; for example,  persons struggling  with Anorexia Nervosa and those not coping well with bereavement. 

Existential & Pastoral Counselling

Integrating the spiritual dimension & Life existential therapy

Existential therapy helps us to make meaning of things that we cannot understand, while Pastoral counselling, just like any other models of therapy, can be embodied into psychological treatment with faith and spirituality  supporting & fostering wholeness, growth and healing for those who follow a faith and are seeking for holistic & spiritual Counselling and guidance. Resources based on a group or an individual's faith can be utilized to help and guide them on their journey to  transformation, transition and good connections with those around them and others. 

Online (Skype & Zoom) Counselling

Counselling at the comfort of your home

Video counselling will allow you to have your therapy in your own environment without having to travel to the office or clinic, with sessions conducted in the same way as a Face-to-Face, in a confidential and safe setting.  The initial assessment will be carried out on day 1, within a set time and place of your choice. Let us not be limited by travelling and parking spaces. You can have sessions from wherever you are. 


Areas of expertise include: 

Grief, loss and Bereavement, depression and anxiety, trauma, stress, confidence issues, low self esteem and lack of motivation, intimate partner abuse, childhood Issues. 


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